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Local: Nevis Cycles Bike Shop

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

"Èisd ri gaoth nam beann gus an traogh na h-uisgeachan: listen to the wind upon the hill till the waters abate"

Ever been to one of those quaint wee bike shops that's always right where you need them, just when you need them? Well that’s Nevis Cycles, tucked away in the small village of Inverlochy adjoined to Fort William in the Highlands. The team is well rehearsed in dealing with all the troubles that come with owning a bike and the strife that comes with travelling in challenging locations. With the offer of tea, mug in hand and friendly smile the team will keep you welcomed whilst you wait for your bike to be restored to showroom quality. When Nevis Cycles was originally formed, it played it's part in establishing local trails here in Fort William, so the local community has many thanks.

Smiles all round and wheels hanging around, pretty much sums it all up here at Nevis Cycles.

Today the importance of small, wholesome, humble and friendly business is becoming ever more vital to cyclists, this stems from the shift to online business. When you shop with a small business you always can guarantee a more specialist and knowledgeable service compared with the online versions. Getting to see people for face value and having them meet your issues head on cuts out the possibility of making mistakes with your valued equipment, after all Youtube will only get you so far. Ultimately the spirit and professional manner you receive when arriving at Nevis Cycles will ensure you get the rest of the way.

Having a close relationship with our local shop allows us to work alongside them to provide the best possible service to the riders that we have on our courses. Often our customers intend on hiring bikes when they travel to the Highlands, it can be notably difficult to ensure the quality of bikes when travelling, this is especially important if our riders are to get the most from their experience with Alba Mountainbike. The team at the shop provides the best maintained fleet around, replacing them annually allows for the best in quality available. It's for this reason we find it best to work closely with Nevis Cycles to give our riders the chance to hire bikes from the best in quality and size range. The main fleet comprises of performance hardtails and enduro bikes with the added extra availability of downhill bikes and electric hardtail and full suspension rides too. Looking for more information on hire? Fill out a Hire Inquiry Form to arrange your hire alongside a course today.

All of the team here at Alba Mountainbike have worked in the shop or are still part of it in some way or another, our business has the utmost respect and thanks for the team running the daily workings of the business. It’s because of these reasons that we are able to work so well with our local shop and ethically we feel its best to support the local economy where we can, and for sure the service you get beats online commerce any day. At the end of the day you often find our team in the shop in their down time or just after a session catching up with the team over a cuppa, so swing by.

Co-founder and local councilor Ben Thompson, waiting patiently outside for the tea to brew.


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