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British Cycling Level 2 Leadership Award

The Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award is the entry point for experienced mountain bikers wanting to use their experience to safely guide others on off-road terrain.  

The award is ideal for anyone, who is either working in the outdoor sector, volunteering at a club, looking to start up their own lead MTB rides or simply has a personal interest in gaining additional skills.  

The course covers topics such as planning and delivery of rides, leading techniques for effective group management, map reading and navigation, management of accidents and emergencies, equipment set-up, trailside repairs and core mountain bike techniques. 

What are the pre-requirements to attend? 


  • The minimum age to attend a course is 18 years old and you must have mountain biking experience in various terrains and weather conditions.  

  • An appropriate level of physical fitness for a day’s riding is essential to be competent in the techniques and skills required to safely negotiate the typical trail features, generally comparable to red-graded purpose-built trails.  

  • On or prior to your training day you will need to provide evidence of recent rides in appropriate terrain (we recommend a minimum of 15 quality rides; four rides should be 4 hours or more in duration). British Cycling have an online logbook that can be downloaded or printed if needed, Click Here

  • You are required to attend and evidence a two-day outdoor First Aid course on completion of your Assessment, we also provide a Mountain Bike specific First Aid Course, check availability here.

​To check if you have the pre-requirements please look at the British Cycling website.


Whats included in the two day training course? 

  • Registration with British Cycling

  • Planning and delivery of appropriate rides for your group

  • Leading techniques for effective group management

  • Map reading and navigation for a flowing journey

  • Management of accidents and emergency situations

  • Equipment set-up and trailside repairs

  • Core mountain bike techniques

The assessment is to be booked once you’ve had enough time to hone the skills and knowledge you have obtained on your training day. The maximum time to complete your award is 18 months.

Whats included in the assessment? 

If you have attended a training course and have all the pre-requirements you can attend the one day assessment course and you will be assigned a written paper to be completed and submitted before attending the assessment.

Practical assessment day consists of a full day mountain bike journey - usually 5 to 6 hours. This will be your opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and navigational skills, group management and knowledge of trailside repairs.

Training dates & venue

To make a booking on any of these dates please contact us to check our availability before you book.

Further information 

If you need extra support to undertake this course because of a physical or learning need contact us to discuss any reasonable adjustments that would support you on this course. 

Training £250 per person

Assessment £150 Per Person

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