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Coaching Sessions

Beginner sessions

Our Fundamentals Session is aimed towards riders looking to improve their basic skills. You will find yourself learning the techniques needed to tackle most lower level graded trails in and around a trail centre. Essential skills covered include cornering, braking and body position. If you are at the fundamental level in mountain biking, then this is the perfect opportunity and time to address these essential skills to progress your riding and ultimately become a more confident, efficient rider.

Prices From £250

Intermediate sessions

Our Progression Session is aimed at refining the skills of riders who have already mastered the Fundamentals of mountain biking. Delve deeper into your performance and start to find flow, and challenge yourself by riding steeper, more technical terrain. Your coach will take you to natural terrain and help you to find comfort and confidence in your abilities in potentially challenging conditions. The day consists of tuition and race style training specifically aimed towards the Enduro tracks within Scotland.

prices From £250

Advanced Sessions

Looking for personalised coaching? Then this is the session for you. Prior to your course we will tailor a session plan to meet your learning needs. Whether it be cornering, braking or body position, we have session structures that will develop you into a more efficient rider. Location, time frames and specific learning outcomes can be addressed by customising the session to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your progression plan and we will design a session specifically for you.

Prices From £300

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