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Intermediate sessions

Our Progression Session is aimed at refining the skills of riders who have already mastered the Fundamentals of mountain biking. Delve deeper into your performance and start to find flow, and challenge yourself by riding steeper, more technical terrain. Your coach will take you to natural terrain and help you to find comfort and confidence in your abilities in potentially challenging conditions. The day consists of tuition and race style training specifically aimed towards the Enduro tracks within Scotland.

What I might expect to see in the session?


  • Advance your cornering skills

  • Look deeper into line choice

  • Progress your skill-set with jumping and pre-jumping techniques.

  • Increase your experience in drops offs

  • Explore ranges of grip with cuties slides

  • Learn how to manipulate a Manual

  • Learn how maintain momentum with pumping techniques

  • Dive deeper into the forest and experience mud root up close

  • Set your sights on steeper and more technical terrain

  • Find increased confidence in your abilities to tackle new challenges




A typical day will start at 9:00am in the aim to be riding by 9:30am, this gives us plenty of time to welcome you, get our bikes set-up and equipment sorted. For the duration of the day, you will be with your coach for 6 hours. Lunch is not provided, however your coach will discuss the best options available.




Typically our Progression Sessions will take place within a trail center, for example Nevis Range or Laggan, however your coach will always arrange to meet you at the most convenient location to the trail head.  We will discuss this with you, give directions and come to a suitable arrangement via email. 




For every session, we expect our customers to wear a suitable helmet and protective equipment whilst riding. On days that are more remote, please pack enough food and water for the day, plus more for emergencies. Weather is changeable, so pack enough warm, waterproof and breathable layers to see you through the day. If you are unsure of exactly what to bring just ask, additionally you can view our recommended kit list here.


We expect that you arrive with your bike in full working order, this will maximise the amount of contact time you will have with your coach. We do carry spares but please bring an inner tube and any other specific parts for your bike, e.g. hanger and brake pads. Bike hire is also available from our partners, so please do not hesitate to ask.




The normal ratio on this session is 1-3 people, however we do offer an additional price for 4-6  riders.


Further Information?


If you need extra support to undertake this session because of a physical or learning need, contact us to discuss any reasonable adjustments that would support you on this session. Please see our terms and conditions for any additional information.

£250 Private

£350 Group

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