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What’s in our Trail Packs?

Updated: May 4, 2022

It's very important for us to create the best adventure or coaching session for our riders. That's why we have made it easy for you to know what to pack. Use the images and downloads in this Blog to check if you have the right gear.

Things you should carry on our Guided Tours?

Guided Tours Kit List
Download PDF • 254KB

Things you should carry on our Coaching Sessions?

Coaching Sessions Kit list
Download PDF • 254KB

Things you should carry on our Explore Tour?

Explore Tour Kit List
Download PDF • 254KB

We expect you to take a small part in the responsibility towards being self sufficient while out on the trails. Can you imagine being in a remote area and not having the correct hanger for your bike? Or the correct brake pads? There are unfortunately hundreds, if not thousands, of bike items specific to you, and our rucksacks are only so big, therefore, it's vital that these sorts of things are packed by you when riding in remote areas.

We also have a close relationship with our local bike shops, Nevis Cycles & Off BeatBikes who provide the best possible service to the riders that we have on our courses. Getting the most from your experience with Alba Mountainbike is vital. The shops provide the best maintained fleets around, replacing them annually allows for this. Depending on what Course you are on we can advise what bike will best suit for your experiance so lets arrange your hire alongside a course today.

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