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What’s in our British Cycling Leadership Packs?

It's very important for us to ensure the safety of our riders and create the best adventure or coaching session for them. That's why we have made it easy for you to know what to pack. Use the images and downloads in this Blog to check if you have the right gear for your training course.

Things you should carry on your British Cycling Leadership Course?

British Cycling Leadership Kit List
Download • 260KB

Throughout the training course you will learn more about what is expected from you as a learner, remember not to worry too much about whats expect from you on your while your learming. You dont need to have absoluly everthing on the list but it would be nice for you to start to think about it. for the assessment we expect you to take the responsibility towards being self-sufficient while out on the trails not just for yourself but also for your team. You would be expected to pack almost everthing on this list, Happy packing.

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